We love Gmail

love gmail

We've successfully helped hundreds of people and businesses switch to Gmail.  It really is easier than you think and in no time we reckon you'll love Gmail too.  Gmail used to be an invite only email system.  In a few short years it eclipsed Hotmail as the best web-based email system around.

For those of you still using the email address your ISP gave you (Bigpond anyone?) maybe it's time you stopped.  Gmail is fast, seriously secure and works on almost any device you can imagine.  It comes with a host of other services from contacts and calendar to documents and music (and much, much more).

Have a business?  Consider switching to Google Apps which is essentially Gmail for your business.  As authorised Google Apps resellers we can get your business cloud based in no time.

Why Gmail?

It’s free.

It syncs with your laptop, desktop, phone, iPad, tablet, Mac, whatever.  Never lose your contacts again if you lose your phone.  Set up Gmail properly on your iPhone or Android smartphone (and others) and your contacts, emails, and calendar will be safe online.

It doesn’t matter who your internet service provider (ISP) is. Unlike the email address provided to you by your ISP (eg. bigpond) your Gmail address won’t be taken away from you if you change providers.

Huge inbox! At present Gmail gives you, for free, more than 15 gigabytes of online storage for emails and attachments.  Never delete another email again.  Just read the ones you want and ignore the rest.

Virus and SPAM filtering It's almost unheard of to get a virus via Gmail. You may get one or two SPAM messages a month, if that.

Email searching Gmail incorporates a unique searching tool.  You can find any email, from any date, just by typing in a keyword or two.

Outlook integration Unlike many other free email services, Gmail allows you to configure Outlook, Windows Mail or Outlook Express to access your email.  Although these days the Gmail website is good enough that we no longer recommend using any of these mail clients.  It’s SO last decade.

More than just email. Seriously, a LOT more.  With a Gmail account you get a contacts list, calendar, online documents (never use Word or Microsoft Office again), photo storage, video storage, and the list goes on.  Much more than can be listed here.

“But I don't want to change my email address.  Everyone has it.” Don’t worry, your Gmail account can be set to check your old email address automatically.  You will still get all your email from the old account but they will be accessible to you anywhere and will be safe and sound online rather than just on your own computer.

Worldwide access You can check your email quickly and easily from almost any device, anywhere.



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