Has Google Play Music beaten Spotify

Not a no-brainer anymore[/caption] Spotify has long been the streaming music service of choice for a lot of people. However Google Play Music has not been without it's supporters. In fact we've always quite liked the Google play music interface, if not it's insistence on playing dodgy cover versions of songs that you request. Let's not forget the ability to upload 20,000 other songs that may not be in Google's library. For some that feature alone is enough to tip the scales to the side of the search giant. However recent changes in their pricing structure have really made us stand up and take notice. For about ten bucks a month you can get Google Play Music and YouTube Red. That's pretty darn good value. Google Play music is a legitimate competitor to Spotify and the fact that you then also get ad free YouTube, with some additional premium content thrown in, makes it a tough deal to beat. We watch a helluva lot of YouTube via our Chromecasts and having those ads just disappear has been fantastic. So if you're thinking about joining the streaming revolution it's worth seriously considering Google's great value 2 for 1 offer.



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