Foxtel Go vs Foxtel Now.  Confused?

If you're confused by Foxtel's latest "streaming" options you're not alone.  As if their packages weren't confusing enough in the "good old days", before Netflix gave them a kick up the bum.  

We like to think of ourselves as streaming experts and even we find it hard to explain the various options, limitations and benefits of each to our customers.

But here goes . . .

Foxtel Go

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A free service for existing Foxtel customers, this isn't anywhere near as versatile when it comes to devices you can stream on.  In fact it's limited to phones, computers and tablets within Australia.  Of course there are ways to circumvent this "Australia only" limitation using VPN's and other software but for the average punter that's all a bit too difficult.

You can't use a Chromecast or Apple TV to stream Foxtel Go from your phone or tablet (not without more technical mucking around anyway).  You can stream from a computer but the quality is poor and it's not child's play either.

Essentially Foxtel Go is for existing Foxtel customers (ie. those with a black box in their lounge room) to watch their favourite Foxtel stuff on demand on their portable devices.  And that's about it.  Sure it's a good free addition to an already pricey pay TV subscription service but it does have some serious limitations.

Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now devices

So Foxtel Go has limitations huh?  Yeah well, so does Foxtel Now unfortunately.

This is Foxtel's attempt to compete with Netflix.  In classic Foxtel style they throw a bunch of confusing packages at you.  There is a 2 week free trial (not a month like Netflix or Stan).  And unlike Foxtel Play you can stream to a Chromecast or Apple TV, as well as many more devices.  Which is great.

Unfortunately due to licencing restrictions and Foxtel's own policies not all programming that's available to regular Foxtel customers.  If you think you'll be able to watch all your favourite sport and movies, think again.  And if you pay top dollar for a Foxtel box and cable/satellite service every month and want to use Foxtel Now; guess what?  You'll need to cough up again for a separate subscription.


As Foxtel have rolled out these services we've though that the days of wiring up homes for Foxtel boxes and satellites might be drawing to a close.  All the multi-room Foxtel cabling we've been doing for year might finally be unnecessary as streaming options take over.  Well, for now at least, that's not the case.

So if there's programming on the classic Foxtel subscription service that you just can;t live without, stick with it.  Also Foxtel Now, like all streaming services, is reliant on your internet connection.  We would call Australia's internet anything but reliable.  NBN anyone?



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