Tricky Sonos install in Cape Schanck

Sometimes a tricky install turns out to be one of the best. The client has a beautiful home in Cape Schanck with rammed earth walls. She certainly needed an upgrade to the old TV and sound but didn't want to ruin the look of the room. She also had an existing TV bracket that was heavily integrated and would be difficult to replace.   [caption id="attachment_968" align="alignright" width="500"]20160719_174302 Samsung TV with Sonos Playbar mounted underneath and Sonos Subwoofer hidden behind.[/caption] We managed to mount a Sonos Playbar underneath the TV and a Sonos Subwoofer behind the TV. Modifying the existing bracket is where it all started to get head-scratchy! But sometimes you have stop, walk away and rethink. So we got to setting up the new AV cupboard which was previously a tangled mess of cables, power supplies and unidentified equipment. By building a swinging false wall at the rear we were able to completely hide the cabling. All the gear was stacked using aluminium cooling racks and the sliding shelf pushed back.     [caption id="attachment_969" align="alignright" width="500"]20160719_174324 The new look AV cupboard. This used to take up 3 shelves and had cable EVERYWHERE![/caption] OK back to the TV. Sure enough by leaving the problem for a couple of hours and returning the solution was crystal clear. In the end it came down to to 2 small universal soundbar brackets, some delicate filing and grinding and, believe it or not, some tape! But it was secure, very neat and worked perfectly. The Playbar was paired with the existing ceiling speakers using a Sonos Connect:Amp. This is a great solution that you wouldn't think was possible if you only went by the Sonos website. For a neat, retro-fitted 5.1 Home Theatre system with multi-room audio this was such an elegant solution.


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