Building or renovating?


Call us early, well before the plaster goes up.

We supply and install cabling for;

  • TV
  • Foxtel
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Data and Networking
  • Surround Sound
  • Speakers (inside and outside)
  • Security Cameras
  • Alarm Systems
  • Intercoms

You may think you’ve wired up for TV, Internet, Foxtel, Home Theatre and Security but have you really?

 These are just some of the considerations before you plaster and paint.

Hills Hub wiring to a central point Does all the cabling run to a central point?
Where possible it’s best to install a “Hub” for easier fit off, easier access and more flexible connection options.
cat6 cabling Have you run enough data cable?
Probably not.  Almost every device want an internet connection these days.  Don’t rely on WiFi alone.
cables through brush wall plate Are the HDMI and other cables already in place?
It’s much easier to do this now, before plaster goes up.  Some conduit for future cables is also a good idea.
recessed wall plate enclosure Are your TV powerpoints recessed into the wall?
TV’s and brackets are incredibly thin now.  A normal powerpoint will make your TV stick out more than it should.
security Have you cabled for cameras or an alarm?
Even if you’re not certain you need a security system it’s a good idea to cable for it just in case.
 foxtel Is there 3 coaxial cables running to each point?
If not and even if you only “might” want Foxtel later you won’t be able to without messy retro-fitting.
 speaker volume wall plate Do your speakers have simple wall plates?
Sonos and other systems are great but relying on your phone or tablet to turn speakers down can be a headache.
 intercom monitor Have you cabled for an intercom?
It’s especially important to have monitors placed in strategic areas and cable running to control front gates if required.


If your electrician is running these cables you may consider getting us in to consult and advise on what cables are needed and where they need to go. 



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