Too many remote controls?


Have you got too many remote controls in your lounge room?  Or any other room for that matter.

Logitech Harmony Universal remotes are the answer.

Some universal remotes can make life harder.  Others are waaaaay too expensive.  The new Harmony range is great value, easy to use and they look and feel great.

We’ve always liked the Harmony remotes.  At last count we’ve installed more than 250 of them.  The current range is even better with a slick touch-screen interface and bigger, easier to see text and icons.

Programming them still takes a fair bit of knowledge on how your AV system works and how the individual components talk to each other, but that’s where we come in.

The average setup takes around 2 hours (a bit longer for more complicated systems).

The Harmony Ultimate can even control devices that are inside a cupboard or behind closed doors. It also comes with a free app for your phone so you can control your entire system without even using the remote.  It really has to be seen to be believed.

SF product - Harmony Touch Universal Remote - $188

SF Product - Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote Control - $368



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