So you want a website?

Website being built

No problem.  To make the process a little easier to understand here’s what you need, in the order you need it and what it might cost. All prices are based on the average website (not that there is such a thing).  Certain options or more complicated sites may cost more.  Just ask us.

Domain registration

$30- $40 per year

A domain is a complicated word for a web address - like or


$129 per year

Of course you need someone to store your website and have it always accessible on the internet.  That's called hosting.


$0 (yes you read that right)

The world’s most well-known and popular web design system

Google Apps

$77 per user per year

Not many web designers will even mention Google Apps, let alone set it up.  To be honest it’s not even necessary. It’s just very, very good.  We can’t imagine running a business without it.  Google Apps is essentially Gmail for your domain.  But it’s so much more than that.  We’re not going to go on about it here.  For more info check out (a user is just a person in your business eg.

Wordpress theme

free -  $100 (a great theme will usually cost around $70)

There are literally thousands of these available.  Some are even free (in fact Wordpress comes with a simple theme already installed).  A theme is like a pre-designed framework for a page.  We generally don't recommend free themes unless it's a very well known one and the site you need is simple.   Some free themes can contain bad or malicious code.  If you spend the money on a good, well reviewed theme from a reputable source you'll have a great looking site with a lot of the design work already done.  This will save you lots of time, money and possibly heartache.

Web design

Using a theme as described above saves us serious time in web design.  Time = Money.  The average site might take us 10 to 15 hours to set up.  Bigger sites take longer, simpler sites take hardly any time at all.  There’s a lot of back-end stuff to consider which we can tell you about (plugins, security, etc).  Fact is, we need to talk about your needs to estimate how much time your site will take and what that setup will cost.

Worth mentioning

We don’t want to be the gatekeeper to your website.  A lot of web designers like to make out that you’re not capable of making simple changes yourself.  Do you really want to call someone and pay them every time you want change a phone number on your site, or add some text or a page or a photo?  Wordpress to the rescue! It’s easy to use, from any computer in the world, and being so popular there is lots of help available to you.  You have total access to your site.  Always.



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