G Suite


Businesses big and small are doing it differently these days.  No more servers to break down.  No more having to be in the office to access your stuff.

Work from any device from any location.

Here's an overview;


What is G Suite?

G Suiteis the ultimate online tool for business.  It includes a 30 gigabyte Gmail account which is reason enough to use it.  Check out the info on Gmail here to see just why it is soooooo good!  Best of all you can use your existing business email address (eg. johnsmith@yourcompany.com).

Once you run your business through Google there are simple steps you can take to make your business appear higher in search results.

Google apps is the best way to run your business communications, full stop.  Seriously, nothing else comes close.  Along with Gmail, calendar, contacts, documents and photos it includes hundreds of other available apps that can allow you to do anything from email marketing to online accounting.  Imagine being able to pick up any laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world and run your whole business.  Imagine never having to worry about which computer you are using and whether your data is backed up or not.

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