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The answer is probably “no”.

Your computer's hard drive is one of the few moving parts in the machine.  We replace faulty hard drives more than any other computer component.

Imagine losing all your photos, letters, emails – everything. Forever!  Of course you should be using cloud based services such as Gmail or Google Apps as we've recommend  for years but backing up your computer is still important.  It makes getting your computer up and running again after a hardware malfunction or nasty virus much quicker and easier.

These drives are small and fast and come with their own backup software, which we delete immediately because it’s rubbish.  Instead we set them up with a program called Acronis True Image, widely regarded as the best backup software for Windows (Mac's have Time Machine built-in which is a great piece of software).

In fact, once set up the Acronis program will automatically backup your system at a regular interval and you don’t have to do anything.  Best of all, not only does the program save your files, it saves the “system state” backing up your Windows settings and much more.

Acronis has a “Time Explorer” function (very similar to “Time Machine” on the Mac).  This allows you to go back to the way a file was last Monday, or Saturday 3 weeks ago, or whenever.



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